Kullik & Rullmann AG

German Timber Export Co.


Worldwide markets are UK, U.S.A., Japan, China, Spain, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others.
Kullik & Rullmann was founded in 1995.


Kullik & Rullmann AG is a sales alliance of small and medium-sized businesses in the saw mill and timber processing industry situated throughout Germany. Bundling up the capacities of these producers enables them to meet the requirements of the world markets which is normally only possible for multi-national groups.
Mostly sold are manufactured products for building construction (laminated beams, structial timber, CLS, boards) all in unseasoned and kiln-dried.


In 1995, the export businesses of Kullik Holzagentur and Rullmann Holzindustrie were merged to form Kullik & Rulmann AG. Both companies have a long solid history in timber sales and production spanning generations.

Herbert Kullik Holzagentur
Kullik family opened sawmill in East Prussia
1949 Kullik Holzagentur was founded
1952 Herbert Kullik takes over domestic business

Rullmann Holzindustrie

1964 Mr. Rullmann starts timber business
1981 Manfred appointed inaugurated timber expert by the Chamber of Commerce
1982 Rullmann Holzindustrie is founded

Kullik & Rullmann
Kullik Holzagentur and Rullmann Holzindustrie begin doing some business together in Europe.
1990 Border opens into East Germany. Carsten Kullik joins Kullik Holzagentur.
1992 Companies begin a joint venture with an Estonian lumber company. Saw mill is built.
1993 Agreement is developed between both companies to do export business outside Europe. Market entry into Japan.
1994 Market entry into China and South East Asia.
1995 Kullik & Rullmann AG, a German timber export company, is founded providing an alliance for German saw mills.
1999 Open sales office in Japan, China and U.S.
2000 Kulli & Rullmann becomes a stockholding company.
2003 Open sales office in Great Britain.
2003/2004 Expansion into Chinese lampost production company.
2007 Co-founder and president Manfred Rullmann passed away. UK Sales Director, Lawrence Webster, becomes partner of the company.
2011 Kullik & Rullmann AG has opened a sales office in Shanghai/China
2012 Kullik & Rullmann AG acquires Gill & Robinson Ltd. A british timber importer and agent, founded 1889.
2014 Kullik & Rullmann AG  takes over the active business of North American Hardwoods in New York.
2014 Kullik & Rullmann AG  has opened a sales office in New York/USA – operated by M&G Management Corp.


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Kullik & Rullmann is
PEFC and FSC® certified


  • One contact person fo all your requirements
  • Consulting and market report
  • Complete order management
  • Order tracking via internet
  • Own sales offices in Japan, China, UK and USA
  • Personal customer support
  • Various internet services
  • After sales service


  • Different products available, from specialist producers
  • Mixed specification loads
  • Fast order handling
  • Reliable and prompt supply
  • On time delivery
  • Flexible production facilities
  • Special products to customers specifications
  • Short time reaction to any market changes